Oakmoor Candidate Commitment Pledge
Oakmoor Candidate Commitment Pledge

Oakmoor Candidate Commitment Pledge

At Oakmoor we thrive on providing the most exciting opportunities to some of the most sought after talent in the Learning and Training sector.

Changing jobs can be one of the most important decisions in a person’s life which is why our aim is to be supportive, transparent and respectful during this time of change to help create long lasting ongoing relationships with all of our candidates.

To help support this aim, we commit to:

  • Listen to your requirements and provide you with honest and professional career advice based on our experience
  • Promote inclusive recruitment, ensuring diversity compliance throughout – the most suitable candidate for the job irrespective of any other elements
  • Use our professional experience to effectively match your skills and experiences to opportunities only that are right for you and that are sustainable and realistic long term career choices. This ability is paramount to the positive reputation we have with all of our clients
  • As an extension of the above commitment, we will only forward on your details to clients and opportunities we have discussed fully with you first
  • Maintain regular contact with you throughout the recruitment process, keeping you informed within agreed timeframes
  • Scrupulously maintain the confidentiality of your information and acknowledge such data remains your property and that you retain the rights to its distribution

All we ask in return is that you are open and honest with us throughout the recruitment process, which will not only help us adhere to our pledge but will also contribute to the creation of long term mutually beneficial working relationships. Changing jobs can be a stressful and uncertain time and our aim is to be as supportive as possible to you during this period.

Why not enhance your chances of success by reading our CV Advice and Interview Preparation tips.

If you feel at any time we have fallen short in our commitment pledge, we would like to hear from you. Likewise if you are happy with your experiences from our services please let us know.

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